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Hanukkah Medium Wicker Gift Basket

Hanukkah Medium Wicker Gift Basket
This wicker basket is filled to the brim with the most awesome chococlate treats! Neatly stacked with two tone truffles, heavenly chocolate nougat, blue foiled crème filled chocolate supreme, irresistible nutty pretzels, natures best almond crunch, creamy coconut dessert, heavenly chocolate bars and the most incredible coconut caramel miniatures, candied pineapple fruit, and to top it off we’ve added a jumbo cookie with a Chanukah cream theme. Fully wrapped in clear cellophane and tied with a splendid chiffon blue ribbon for the ultimate Chanukah look!
And, to create that perfect holiday effect, we’ve added Chanukah gelt (an age old tradition jews enjoyed by giving money to their fellow friends on Hanukah) in the form of edible dairy chocolate coins!